Auspit was founded when Rhett Thompson wanted to create a system to make outdoor cooking easy and effective. Rhett wanted a system that was versatile and capable of producing food that tasted great.

Rhett used his knowledge of the Aussie outdoors and his career in engineering to develop the Auspit. What started out as two sticks of metal developed into the product we know and love today.

Unfortunately, Rhett passed away unexpectedly in March 2017 at 58 years of age. In some small way, we hope that Rhett’s passion for the outdoors and cooking on the Auspit lives on in every product enjoyed by us all.

For Rhett, the excitement and challenge of taking Auspit from its original design and being able to ultimately expand to the global market provided his true enjoyment. Rhett loved the simplicity of sitting around a campfire at the end of the day with good food, good friends and good conversation which far surpassed and possibly solved any daily problems, monetary loss or gain or global financial crisis.

Auspit is now owned and operated by an Australian business with more than a decade of experience in outdoor cooking with Rhett’s original vision of simple and versatile cooking in mind. We will continue Rhett’s legacy by providing the same great products you have come to enjoy and continue on where he left off to bring you new, innovative products to enjoy the Aussie outdoors even more.


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